Representing Fine Classic and Contemporary Photography

The LIFE Gallery of Photography markets the classic and contemporary works of some of the world’s most renowned photojournalists.  Since its inception in 1984, the Gallery has represented the following photographers:

Margaret Bourke-White Martha Holmes Ralph Morse
Ed Clark Yale Joel Carl Mydans
Loomis Dean Dmitri Kessel George Silk
John Dominis Nina Leen Peter Stackpole
Alfred Eisenstaedt John Loengard Joe Rosenthal/Associated Press
Andreas Feininger Leonard McCombe

The LIFE Gallery’s collection focuses primarily on black and white photography. Notable examples of important Gallery works include Alfred Eisenstaedt’s Sailor Kissing Nurse, taken in Times Square on VJ Day, 1945; Joe Rosenthal’s famous image of U.S. Marines raising the flag at Iwo Jima; Carl Mydans’ General MacArthur wading ashore with troops at Luzon, and many more instantly recognizable images.

Many of the images available through the LIFE Gallery are offered as limited editions accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity that documents the printing process, restrictions on the use of the negative, and other important print edition information.  All Gallery prints are museum-quality and are carefully hand-printed from the photographer’s original negatives; many are also signed by the photographer.

LIFE Gallery of Photography
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